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     She could tell the waters were cold but the enchanted swimsuit kept her warm.  Pandora was very comfortable in the water.  She had taken swimming lessons with her Uncle Shawn and her mothers always took Pandora and her friends to the beach.
     She spun in the water looking into the distance for the island.  Diving downward, she cut through the water like a dolphin.  She was always good at holding her breath.  The rubber bag clung snugly to her back.  It was not very distracting at all.
     When she resurfaced, Pandora was surrounded by a small group of sea lions.  They were loud, but friendly.  Her raven was not with her and she could not understand what they were saying.  Knowing it was no time to fool around, she pushed forward, swimming towards the island.  The sea lions took up positions around her, protecting and leading her in the right direction.