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     Pandora’s mother Drew always had the best stuff.  Not because she was arrogant or conceited but because she knew what she wanted and wouldn’t settle for second best.  Her clothes and her sports car were perfect examples.  Although Drew was not a patroller and did not have any magical armor, her clothes were just as special.  The clothing designers in the Castle custom made everything to fit her perfectly, and of course they were always stylish.  The car was the same.  Built by her uncle’s friends, it was the fastest car she had seen.  It had helped Pandora and the patrollers many times in their adventures.
     “So where are we going?  This doesn’t look like the way to the library,” stated Pandora as her mother drove expertly through the streets towards the countryside.
     “We’re not going to the library.  The crocodile priest has already left and returned to his home.  You’re going to have to fight him there.”
     Pandora did not say anything.  She had to save Paige and pictured herself fighting the reptile man while the pretty girl watched.  She did not want to look bad in front of her.  At first she thought she would be able to fight the monster one on one, but when he defeated Reese, who was the best fighter, Pandora began to second guess herself.  No one in her world had ever been such a threat.  And what if he had more servants at his home?