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   “Are you okay?” asked Drew.
     “I’m okay.”
     “You don’t sound ready to fight.”
     “Well I’m not sure how to beat the crocodile priest.  His servants beat me last time and although I have learned from the fight, I’m nervous.  My sword does not do much against their dirt.”
     “You will not have to fight any of the priest’s servants.  The priest will be by himself this time.  You do not need your sword to fight the priest, and you will not be bringing it with you.”
     “You will not be bringing the sword.  You have to bring that…” and her mother pointed to a rubber bag in the back seat.
     Pandora pulled the bag into her lap and untied it.  It was filled with bright silver coins but it did not weigh very much at all.
     “The priest has to eat the coins.  I don’t know how many you will need, but they will slow him down.  From there you should be able to beat him by yourself.”
     “Okay,” she stated with renewed confidence.
     “The crocodile priest has also stolen something from the world.”
     “You will know it when you see it.”