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     Pandora and her mother left the nurse’s room and entered the school hallway.  Reese sat uncomfortably on a chair.  She had claw and scratch marks across her face and neck.  It looked like she was attacked by a pack of wolves.  Her magical armor was ripped and fraying.
     “My mom will help you Reese.  You just rest for now.  I’ll take care of this.”
     You can beat him.  Get him away from his servants.  Don’t let his hands get near your mouth.  He’ll steal your voice.
     “I’ll get it back.  I’ll get the crocodile priest for you.”  Pandora became very angry as she said that.  Reese was always the best fighter in the group and always watched her back.  Now it was time for revenge.
     Kill them all for me.  Kill them all.
     Reese saluted her fellow patroller and limped into the nurse’s room.  Pandora and her mother walked outside to the sports car.