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     Pandora’s mother Drew walked in with a pair of crutches.  She wore an expensive navy blue fitted suit.  She looked like a model from a fashion magazine.  She looked concerned as if something were wrong.  She gave Blair a quick hug and handed him the wooden crutches.  “Blair I know you want to be with my daughter right now, but we have a big problem.  Reese is in the sick-line outside.  The reptiles have injured her too.  They stole her voice and her silver sword as well.”
     Oh no! squawked the raven.
     “I have to take Pandora with me.  The Prince says the other patrollers are missing or still awake.  If she can find and defeat the crocodile priest then your voice will return.  Pandora is our only hope right now.”
     Pandora leaned in and kissed Blair on the forehead.  “Stay with my mom.  She’ll take care of you.  Wish me luck.”
     Good luck, squawked the raven quietly.