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   “You’ll be fine in no time,” soothed Pandora’s mother, who was the school nurse.
     “Thanks mom.”
     “Oh no problem,” she said and patted her daughter on the back. "Pandora, take a seat with Blair.  Your mother is coming with the crutches.”
     “Come on sweetie,  Let’s take a seat,” she said, helping him hop towards the big padded chairs.  The next child walked into the room and Nurse Cassidy looked him over.
     I didn’t have a chance against him.  He’s so strong, squawked the raven, but Pandora did not know what to say.  She wanted to stay with him and console him, but at the same time knew she had to get back to the library and help Reese.  It was her job to rescue Paige from the crocodile priest.
     “Don’t worry honey.  Everything will be okay.  I’ll meet up with Reese and we’ll get the crocodile-man.”
     Nurse Cassidy’s phone suddenly began to ring.
     What about my mouth? asked the raven.
     “I’m not sure what to do… yet.  But if I have to see the Prince, then I will.”