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     A large man seemed to lead the group.  Like the others he was dressed in a black suit, but instead of a red tie he wore a white collar.  He was a priest.  His head was that of a large crocodile’s.  He reached down to her friend Reese.  She was tossing and kicking, trying to fight off the clawing reptile hands that were holding her down.  The crocodile-headed priest covered her mouth with his hand and pulled her mouth from her face.
     Needing to attack, Pandora removed a glass shard that had stuck into her armored shirt and threw it skillfully at the group.  The crocodile priest dodged the projectile only to watch it kill one of his helpers.  Pandora walked towards the group, quickly grabbing another shard and quickly re-aiming for the priest.  He ducked this time, and the shard hit the bookcase behind him.
     “Get her!” he commanded and his rows of sharp teeth gleamed in the light.