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     Each of the suit-people grabbed a shovel and began throwing dirt at Pandora.  As they hit her sword, it began to flicker.  The sword of fire would not work against their dirt.  Picking the larger shards of glass from the floor, she decided to attack them from afar.  Throwing them swiftly, the helpers only blocked them with their shovels.  As they did this they drew closer to Pandora.  She swung her sword skillfully, cutting through a shovel and into a suit-personís stomach.  She could tell this was going to be difficult.  There were too many of them and they were surrounding her.
     Dirt kept flying into her, blurring her vision and slowly covering her legs.  Trying to fend off the servants before her, she left herself open for the others to attack.  A shovel struck her in the thigh, forcing her to lose her balance.  Another stuck her side, sending her into the dirt.  Pandora swung wildly, cutting through one victim then another.  But the dirt kept flying.  A shovel landed against her back.  Her armor was holding up to the blows but they where still draining her strength.