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     Looking back to Blair, he was okay.  He had managed to pull himself onto the receptionist’s desk into a comfortable resting position.  Pandora ran towards the ascending stairs, grabbed the sword’s case, and sheathed the weapon.  There was no commotion coming from the second level.  As she neared the glass doors, she realized they were locked.  Still charging forward she dove into the air and crashed through them.
     Glass shards lay scattered along the muddy carpet.  Like the lower floor, dirt was everywhere.  There were less piles and therefore less people buried in them.  On the other side of the room, by the computers, a small group of suit-people crowded two girls.  One was dressed in a blood red jumpsuit and the other in a pretty, baby blue sundress.  It was Reese and Paige.  What was Paige doing here?  She suddenly felt nervous.