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   “Come to me!” Pandora yelled, and the sword twirled through the air to her outstretched arm.  She drew the sword and tossed the case to the floor.  The silver blade burst into flames. “Stay there,” she told Blair.  “Don’t try to move.”
     Pandora rushed the suit-people.  They swung their shovels towards her but she easily ducked to avoid them.  Slashing upwards at the man, she cut deep into his chest.  Kicking back, she struck the lady under the chin, knocking her to the ground.  The man’s tail swung wildly, pounding her armored legs and side.  Catching her balance, she thrust the sword into his tail.  The tail caught fire as it cut in half.  The man collapsed to the ground.
     “Why are you here?” shouted Pandora to the reptile woman.
     The woman crept backwards trying to get away.  Again, another scream echoed through the library.  The woman reached towards her shovel, but Pandora cut off her hand.  Swinging her sword, she lopped the reptile-lady’s head off.