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     Suddenly a loud scream echoed through the library.  The raven shot from Pandora’s shoulder, sending black feathers into the air.  Pandora looked around to see where it came from.  Blair tapped her on the shoulder and pointed up the stairs towards the glass door on the second floor.  Again she heard the scream and it definitely came from upstairs.
     Blair grabbed her by the arm again, almost pulling her to the ground.  This time he pointed to the dirt pile he was buried in.  Two people dressed in black suits stood there.  Both had clean white shirts underneath and bright red ties.  Each of them carried a shiny black metal shovel.  Pandora’s sword lay glowing at their feet.
     Pandora stepped from Blair and faced the suit-people.  Something was wrong with their faces.  She could see dark scales on the woman’s face and the man had a long, thick, reptilian tail.  She had never seen such ugly people before.  The man grabbed her sword and tried to break it with his shovel.