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     Pandora pulled him from the dirt, and dragged him all the way to the front desk.  He was very dirty but he was still alive.   His green clothes were ripped and his leg looked to be broken.
     “Blair!  Sweetie.  Wake up,” she begged.
     Blair stirred and opened his eyes.  He moaned and groaned and Pandora could tell that he was happy to see her.  She wanted to kiss him but she couldn’t.
     “What happened?”
     Blair could not speak, but he was trying to say something.  The raven flew to her shoulder and squawked.
     Monsters.  Reptile people.  They attacked me with shovels and buried me in the dirt heap.  There are people in each of the piles.  I tried to call but I can’t find my cell phone.
     “It’s okay sweetie.  Everything will be okay.  I’ll call my mom and get us out of here.”