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November is the month of remembrance.  Although it might be expected to be a time of sadness and loss, it is actually a time of honouring and praise.

Symbol:  ribbon

Reflections:  During this month, people reflect on those who have lost their lives, to remember that they are still cherished, and to praise the deeds through which their lives have bettered ours.  

Customs:  It is a time where cemeteries are visited, either alone or in groups.  Songs are sung, poems are read and gravestones decorated.  Stories are retold, remembering the good deeds of the dead.  For those not buried in cemeteries, families and friends of the deceased gather at an appropriate location to do the same.  During the final day of November, people fill the streets of the city’s core, carrying and wearing memorabilia of the dead.  Those who have not been affected by close personal deaths tend to praise the sacrifices of fallen soldiers, rescue workers, social leaders and even the concept of the unknown individuals, who have died maintaining and progressing our livelihoods.