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December is the month of hope and progress.  Individuals celebrate the concept that regardless of how bad things are, they can always get better.  The month is also coupled with the belief that in order to make things better, individuals simply need to work towards a better year.

Symbol:  sun

Reflections:  The final month of the year seems to begin with a renewal.  Individuals are encouraged to start fresh, leaving old worries behind and focusing instead on making things better.  It is a time to reflect on how, even when times were bad, things became good again.

Customs:  This is a time when people gather together in homes and public places, retelling stories of progress and hope in times of woe and desperation.  The final week (and celebration of the year) begins on the winter solstice… the longest night of the year, and the return of more light to the day.  It serves as the first day of new hope and culminates ten days later on New Year’s Eve, when people come together in the streets to cheer, sing, and wish each other prosperity for the next year.