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October is the month of change.  Both by individual design and by the world around them.  What the individual celebrates, is the view that change can bring about a better world, possibilities they had never imagined, new experiences and serendipity.  

Symbol:  moon

Reflections:  During this month people reflect on the fact that not all things can be controlled, and with this lack of control comes good and bad experiences.  Although change can be negative, it encourages people to accept the fact that they should not dwell on that which they cannot control, and instead try to make the best of what they have before them.

Customs:  This is also a time where you will see individuals, homes and businesses, restructuring their environment and their habits for the sake of anti-stagnation.  It is a time for chance and a time for risk.  The most common celebration is that of gambling.  Gambling on everything and anything shows that even with odds and probability, anything can happen and that makes things interesting.  It also shows that losing is not the end of the world.  During the final week of October, festivals are thrown involving makeovers, “blind dates” and of course gambling.  On the final day of the month, Halloween, people flood the streets dressed in masks and costumes, hiding their true identities, to then interact within the crowd.