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     Pandora knew not to enter the stream.  The reptile would be a better fighter in the mud and water.  She walked over to the bridge instead.  In the moonlight, she could see it was a flimsy structure, made with wooden logs and thick rope.  Taking her first step she tested its strength and then quickly moved over the next tied logs.  The crocodile priest growled and ran towards the bridge.  Pointing his clawed fingers towards the next logs, they disappeared into the darkness.  Somehow the reptile man had taken control over the moon and its light.
     “That doesn’t belong to you,” yelled Pandora to the thief.  “He has stolen the moon,” she could hear her mother Drew saying in the back of her mind.
     The crocodile priest smiled his rows of sharp teeth.  They still sparkled threateningly in the light.  “You will not save your friend patroller.  You have created an unnatural world with your hopes and your desires.  I will take over this world and make it pure and proper.”
     “In your dreams, scumbag.”  Pandora took a cautious step onto the next log.  The bridge began to sway.  Partly because it was old and partly because the priest began rocking it.