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     After a few minutes she arrived at a small bridge.  It swayed above a small stream.  Through the rustling of the trees above, and the babbling of the brook before her, she could hear a loud stirring.  It was coming from the other side of the stream.  A little further then the end of the bridge.  Focusing her attention she searched for signs of the crocodile priest and his captive.  In the darkness she could make out a human figure.  Its small, human head confirmed it to be Paige.  Spinning on her heal she prepared for the crocodile priest to attack.  There was no chance he had left his pretty captive alone to be so easily rescued.
     Suddenly a loud splash burst from the stream and the crocodile priest emerged from the water.  Behind him the moon rose into the sky, almost as if it were following him.  The bright moon illuminated their surroundings and Pandora could see that it was definitely Paige, half buried in dirt, trapped on the other side.  The crocodile priest crawled up onto the other side of the stream, stepping across the large rocks that lined both banks of the brook.  The moon followed him towards Paige.  She was thrashing about but Pandora could barely see her.  Her mouth must have been stolen because she was not screaming.