August 4/99

A picture of Cookie-Head on his 21st birthday.
(his mother said he looked "sharp")


As you are aware, the newest issue of
Just for Comics Sake has been delayed.
This is mainly due to the fact that Box Comics briefly went bankrupt.
The newest issue will appear in September.
see Just For Comics Sake

Cookie-Head recently took some time off to promote
his first acting role in the Blair Witch Project.
The only reason the film was successful was due
to his stellar performance as Mikey.

While on the road promoting the film,
Cookie-Head became the king of The Enochian Tarot.
He plans to use this evil power to slaughter christians by the millions.

While on Cookie-Head's World Tour (not to be mistaken
with the film's tour), Dispayre caught him in a maie on male
sex rendezvous with this man.


Cookie-Head is willing to trade Box Comics and the rights to
Just for Comics Sake for a brand new
Ace Frehley signature series Gibson Les Paul guitar.

Serious inquires only.

This would be a real deal as it will be the only
comic company left in 20 years.
see info page

 This man is a suspected pedophile
and peddler of internet child pornos.
If you see this Dick, notify the authorities.

(plus we want to get him back for
taking a dump on our bush)

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