Cookie Head was mugged while walking home one night
in the Rose City.  Being the brilliant artist that he is, he
immediately picked up his pen and directly from memory,
drew what he could remember about the criminal.
Here is the rough sketch that was filed in the police report.

you're a pedophile

Since the incident, Cookie-Head hasn't left his home and
is blaming Christianity.  He has also taken up beard growing as a hobby
to go along with being a part time cult leader.

As all fans know by now, it has been said that Box "Murder"
Comics - "Death to T&A Comics" - will crush all comic book making
competitors within 20 years, thus monopolizing the market and filling the morals
of youth with thoughts of anarchy, destruction and revolution.
 Since this master plan has unfolded, Cookie Head has gained an ego
the size of the world's overpopulation and began spending out of budget.
 Last week he hired 12 new employees who he ended up firing a week later.
We asked him for a comment on this and he said:

"They would come in to work for five minutes, ask for a lunch break,
and end up hanging at crack houses shooting H and doing glue.
I caught some of them using the official Box Comics phone lines to solicit
themselves for sex.  They also made a very big mess in the  bathroom
which I had to clean up.  So to set an example I took one of them to a back alley,
taped his mouth shut and kicked him in the groin around one hundred times.
The next day I fired the rest of them.  The guy I kicked in the nads
still works for me though.  He inflicts pain on himself whenever I feel he should
(and gets paid pretty damn good too).  He mostly uses safety pins.
The only reason he hasn't quit is because I threatened to tell his parents
that he'd had sex with his sister when he was 9 if he tried.
Them's the breaks I guess."

As you can all see, there are now new Box "Murder" Comics and
JFCS logos.  Much thanks to the bagwhore I schooled into
doing it for free.  You gotta get 'em when they're stoned!

Note: This man was spotted taking a dump on a bush in front
of the Box Comics building.  Direct any information known of this person
to the Box "Murder" Comics e-mail address.

who is this reut dick?

Cookie Head Jenkins has begun work on issue #226 1/4 of JFCS.
It should be out and finished by the end of May at the very latest
provided no other B&E charges surface.

Not to long ago Cookie Head also stole the virginity
of a loved onewhom YOU hold dear.

 Have a nice day asshole.