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The month of May is dedicated to the celebration of an individualís civil rights and freedoms.  It is a time to rejoice in the options we have in life, as well as the fact that those options are worth defending.

Symbol:  feather

Reflections:  During this month individuals reflect upon the hardships people have had in the past regarding racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice and bigotry.  It is a time for each to reflect upon the times they have not been given freedom or equality, and also when they themselves have not given freedom or equality to others.  It is a time to analyze those areas where freedom and civil rights are being violated and work to fix those areas.

Customs:  Yet another month for a parade.  This one incorporates the characters and stories of our past.  It also includes the organizations responsible for maintaining and defending our rights and freedoms.  During the lead-up to the final parade, people spend their days engaging in acts that demonstrate their freedoms as well as searching for areas in their lives where freedoms and civil rights are not being upheld.