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The theme for June is quite simple, but limitless.  Make new things, be creative and use your imagination.

Symbol:  rainbow

Reflections:  During this month, people are to reflect on the creative and imaginative sides within themselves as well as admire the artistic works created by others.

Customs:  In what is easily the most colourful time of the year, individuals are encouraged to draw, paint, write, sculpt, photograph, film, act, dance, cook, bake, sing, play an instrument, and do anything that will perpetuate their creative and imaginative side.  It is also a time to try new forms of expression.  During the final week, people are seen converging upon the many festivals of artistry, watching, interacting and participating in the events.  Although there is no parade for June, the month culminates in a series of outdoor theatrical plays, incorporating the many forms of art, and normally reinforcing the theme of creativity and imagination in its script.