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     Greetings reader,

     Welcome to the city of Twilight Run.

     I have lived here for two years now and it is quite a unique place to write about.  At first I was not sure what to focus on, as I have a million stories that I could impart, but the one topic that seems to stand out best, and makes for an interesting read, is the intriguing holiday structure of each month here.

     One of the first things I noticed about Twilight Run was its distinct celebrations.  Each month, hundreds of people celebrate a different theme of life; relationships, change, hope, etc.  The end of the month marks the culmination of that theme in parades, festivals, parties, and other appropriate special events.  These unique theme holidays are very well managed by their organizers and not only the city, but even the surrounding cities in the region, celebrate each month.

     As a note, I just want to mention, that not everyone celebrates these holidays or themes.  Most people celebrate the common holidays of Easter, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, etc.  This city, and its region, just seems to have a very high number of individuals and groups who observe these themes.  Just like a lot of other citizens, I was drawn into recognizing both the common holidays as well as these new ones (even though these celebrations have been going on for hundreds of years here).

     So without further ado, here are the year’s monthly holidays in Twilight Run, or as some people amusingly refer to them, the Zodiac Blowouts.