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The month of January is the month of the individual.  It is about celebrating the uniqueness of ones self and the value of ones self.  People celebrate that which they’ve accomplished and the potential they still have in life.
     Symbol:  snowflake
     Reflections:  During this month, people reinforce their sense of self worth.  It is a time to reflect on ones potential in life, and whether they are working towards that potential.  It reinforces the belief that a society driven to empowering individuals to reach great potentials, rather then turning them into social robots, strengthens the society as a whole.  Individuals are encouraged to reflect on why they do the things they do.  Whether it is something that they are driven to do, or whether it is something that is pressured by others.  Whether their behaviors work towards increasing their potential, or whether it is to conform to the group.  Whether they are being themselves or playing a role.
     Customs:  As in each month, individuals tend to reinforce the theme of the month.  In this case, by reading books, watching plays, singing songs, painting pictures, etc, celebrating individuality.  More of a solitary month, than a social one, the final day of the month marks a time to disconnect from the world, make new resolutions and analyze old ones.