We Jerk Off is the bully eating fore front of my independant taste. This Welland based unit has been hacking out lyrical bliss for the kid who is always picked on. The entire operation is completely run D.I.Y., from master mixer Christoph and manically bent out of shape by Snoop Dougie Doug. With such songs like "The Spice Girls Suck", "Big Company Sex", "Let's Fuck Each Other" and "Fuck 19+ Shows", it's no contest who plays the best disillusioned Welland youth grind.

The cover of their first album (Self Titled) is an ecstatic (nude) young man on a cellphone, with a portrait of OJ over his genitals!

Yes, I can now sleep better knowing of the joy that my home town gives me after hearing this band play. Live shows are questions, so KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

by Dan