We Jerk Off is band from the Rose City (Welland, Ont)
started in late March of 1997, for the sole purpose of entering a "Battle of the Bands" at a local high school.  Seeing as there was no possible way of entereing as "We Jerk Off" the five member band disguised themselves as "The Tommy Hilfigers". 

Upon entering the tryout, the school's facist student council and music department, unjustly denied them.
"The Tommy HIlfigers" therefore never played.

During the "Battle of the Bands" itself, one of the vocalists and bassists, Snoop Hayz (fomerly known as Snoop Dougie Doug) convinced another band to introduce them.  With the mic, in front of more than 400 students, teachers, parents and children, Hayz began...
"I'd just like to say, fuck you to student's council, for not letting We Jerk Off play here tonight.  It's okay, we don't need you or anyone here.  We can do this on our own.  Fuck you"...

and walked off the stage in disgust, only to be met by "The Battle of the Band's" coordinator (and school's music teacher).  He was then kicked out of the event for his use of language in front of the audience's youth population.

Exactly one week later, We Jerk Off released their first self titled cassette demo with appoximately 32 songs.  The album was immediately distrubuted throughout the school and the band became infamous.

We Jerk Off shrank to three core members:  Otz. Snoop Hayz and William P.  The lineup released another d.i.y. 33 song album, this time on cd.  Small amounts of the album were distributed through independant record stores and sold out.

William P. left the band, but Otz and Snoop Hayz have pushed onward.  A new song will appear on the Room 101 Ikeya-Seki compilation, but a new album will be out eventually. 


We Jerk Off are (clockwise from top left):

band photo

Otz (all instruments/vocals)
Snoop Hayz (bass/vocals)
the rest don't matter

We Jerk Off is against racism, sexism & homophobia.