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the rules are quite simple.

whichever medium you are reviewing, rate it out of 10.
(zero being horrible and ten been amazing)
your review may be as long as you wish.
do not include any pictures or sounds   webaddresses may be accepted in certain cases.
please email a textual review.  attachements are welcome.

should you wish to change your review afterwards that will be accepted as well.
multiple reviews of the same subject, by the same author, will not be taken.
you will need, in your new review, to include the reason why.

reviews bashing or flaming other reviewers are most DEFINITELY accepted.

although your reviews must be emailed, your email address will not be included unless you wish so.
your name, or pen-name, must be included.

email for submissions
please have "voice of fate" as the subject.
this will make life easier.