The Clamp aka Akuda Machinguay aka The Pink Assassin aka The Purpol Hayz aka Big Baby Jesus aka Mistabobdobbalina aka Kato's Twin aka The REAL Jake the Snake Roberts aka Pmalc in reverse aka Team Leader Pootie Tang aka Snoop Dougie Doug aka The Third Menendez aka The King of Clip Outs aka The Dude who told off Thom Yorke  (true story) aka William Campbell #3 aka Durtie Weponz aka Too Cool Jooles aka Filthy Ike aka Willy Hayz Mayz aka Dr. Whodat aka Billy Kincaid aka Billy Drago aka Billy Blank's Brother aka Billy Zane aka Sib Ildeman aka the dude giving head to sleaze who bears no lines of dialogue. Too many more to list.
    Q: Why "the clamp" ????
A: Inspired by the punk rock tongue of Charles Buchner who's advice for instant sobriety  was as follows:
 "just clamp on to her and sweat it out ". Not the best advice for those that wish to abstain from sexual assault charges. Though, this was Chuck. And mannnnnnnn was he ever hard up. No pun intended.
So i started a zine called 'Scam City" and like all REAL crucial zines, the creator(s) always went under a nick. Just like
a graffiti artist or wrassler. So the day's previous events, particularly chuck's 'advice' stuck in. nuff said.
    Q: So then does your name refer to the promotion of rape and sexual assault for sobriety's sake?
A: The Clamp rides the XedgeX and therefore has no need to sweat any alcohol out of his system. Though you might want to
keep me away from your mother.
(Can you pause your recorder?..there's some Word of Lifers at my door!)
 To Be Continued....

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