Kathleen Brindley;
Artcetera Gallery Opens In Corktown
Ask many local artists what they think our neighborhood needs and they’ll immediately answer … an affordable, rentable gallery space, with a progressive owner/manager. Ms. Kathleen Brindley is here to answer the call!

Born in Gary, Indiana in 1942, Kathleen came to Canada in 1970 almost immediately after the tragic killing of four students at Kent State University. Working at a prominent advertising agency at the time and battling with her superiors over their anti - Affirmative Action stance, Kathleen was horrified by the inequality she observed and experienced, both in terms of the treatment of anti-war protestors and overt sexism. She comments, “ Their (The Agency’s) thinking mirrored what was happening on the streets and I had the terrible feeling things were not going to get any better politically…they didn’t”. As a protest against the bigotry of the times as well as America’s involvement in Vietnam, Kathleen made the difficult decision to leave the U.S. for good.
She is now a Canadian Citizen.

Today, Brindley 63, sits in her studio amid canvasses of lilies and landscapes, painted “auto – biographical moods and political thoughts” and mile-high columns of papers and books. She is packing to move to her new digs at 402 Queen Street East where Artcetera Gallery will open in November. Her big purple motorcycle is right outside her front door, loaded and ready to go…

A well-exhibited professional painter of eighteen years, Kathleen’s work has explored themes of sexuality and eroticism, political issues and natural forms such as landscapes and floral imagery. “They sell well…” she smiles. Sidelined by a series of three strokes in 2001, Kathleen’s lengthy path to recovery included a rigorous practice of daily art-making as a hedge against her own possible demise. Her determination ensured her return to health and in 2002 she celebrated her sixtieth birthday with a one-woman exhibit titled “Sixty Years of Magic, Myth and Mayhem” at The O’Connor Gallery in The Village.

After three years gathering momentum, Kathleen is making real her long-held desire to feature
art of non-traditional artists of all disciplines. “As a political woman and a lesbian, I’m aware that there is a shortage of space available to exhibit commanding works of this kind. I will provide that space”. Her gallery will open with an installation by sculptor Judy Zap entitled “Dollie” a wire frame construction, to be followed by a seasonal group show with some emphasis on urban themes. Kathleen will feature a few of her own works for this exhibit, depictions of angelic figures some of which are modeled after street-people.

In the New Year, look for “Don’t Die Wondering ” a show of Multi-media Transgendered artists; to be followed by “Life on The Edge” a career’s span of works by Philip Cairns, then, “Motorcycle Moods and Vistas” a duo exhibit of Kathleen and Judy Zap.

Kathleen adds, “ I offer affordable rental rates, a friendly proprietor and lovely space for exhibiting…” She also happily utilizes her curatorial expertise for group exhibits. So take a number! “Artcetera” is open for business as of late November. For Gallery bookings please call 416.972.9979