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     Pandora nearly jumped from her bed.
     “Kitty!!!!!!!” she yelled, checking her neck.
     Pandora grabbed the kitten by its belly and carried him to the washroom.  Her mother Drew was still awake, watching television in her bedroom.
     “What’s wrong honey?”
     “Kitty scratched me.”  Looking at the blood in the mirror, she dabbed tissues onto the small wounds.
     "Are you going to be okay?”
     “Yup,” she said and returned to the room.  “Kitty’s just acting a little crazy.”
     “Must be the full moon,” called her mother.
     Pandora smiled to herself and crawled back into her warm bed.  She took an extra pillow and placed it at the foot of the bed.  Placing the kitten in his own makeshift bed, she went back to sleep.