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     Reese was now up and fighting and made her way towards Pandora.  She was in a frenzy, hacking and slashing at them with her enchanted sword.  Unlike Pandora’s blade, Reese’s icy sword froze its victim’s wounds.  Nothing was going to stop Reese from killing these monsters.  She definitely wanted them all dead.
     It was only a few seconds before the group of reptile servants lay at the two patrollers’ feet.  The rest had quickly fled with their master and Paige.  Reese grabbed Pandora by her sleeveless shirt and dragged her out of the dirt pile.  It was obvious she was trying to say something.
     That fucker stole my mouth!  That reptile fuck.  I’m gonna fucking kill him!!! squawked the raven.
     “I have to get Blair to the hospital.”
     Good and send someone to get everyone out of these piles.  I’m going after the crocodile priest.
     “You have to save Paige too.”
     After I kill the priest.
     “Okay Reese,” she said hesitantly and saluted the patroller.
     Reese ran down the corridor after the suit-people.