"[my music] may not be the best, but I like what I'm doing, and that's all that counts."
I started writing music on my computer late in the year of 1997.  At that time I was into BBSs and downloaded a couple of MOD files.  Much to my dismay, I didn't have a player for them.  When I downloaded the appropriate player I was amazed at the quality of MODs and just the general idea.

Unfortunately the MOD player I had wasn't exactly the most amazing piece of technology I'd ever seen so I downloaded a tracker.  When I started to play with it a bit, I learned how to make my own songs.  My first songs were less than perfect :) but I had still learned a great deal.

Then one day my cousin (Titan) came over, I showed him the tracker, and the interface and we both started from there to track MOD files.

So far I've had a number of releases and I'm glad to say I'm pleased with all of them.