Anne Sulikowski adjusted the chronometer on her spacejuggler and slipped into low orbit around Mekron 5.  She had been hot on the trail of Phil O’Gysin who had been broadcasting pretty sonic splatters on sub-space band for the last 5,000 years. With Anne’s new technology and hyper-drive maximum orbiter machines it had been easy to locate him.

Slipping below the helium clouds, she guided the ship over mountains, valleys and forests, following the directional beams. Soon, the crosshairs converged, and the ship gently slipped into a vertical column of gas, and descended to the surface.  Although she had travelled 5,000 years into the future, no time had passed for either Phil or Anne, and they greeted joyously. “It is fate that we have met, at last” said Anne, and Phil agreed. In the hold of Anne’s ship, and in the storehouse at the Mekron 5 outpost there were musical instruments galore, synthesizers, sub and hyper frequency generators, loop packagers and Time/space delays. Soon they were jamming and surfing the subspace waves with pretty sonic splatters that created peace and joy wherever they were heard.

Welcome to the age of  A Pretty Sonic Splatter!