I was there when James Dean
Smashed his face
Into a hard, cold shattering windshield.
I was present  when
Marilyn choked down
A bottle of pills
And went into a silent, eternal sleep.
I was present when the first cedar tree
Sprouted up,
Its perfume wafting over the crimson grass.
I saw Elvis expire on a bed
Of  champagne-coloured satin sheets.
A smelly mess spewing
Out of his moist rectum.
Soiling an expensive pair
Of sky-blue silk pajamas.

I saw the first-ever high speed car accident
With twisted  metal
And broken, bloody limbs
Strewn about the smooth asphalt highway.
I saw a hot, throbbing penis
Enter an oozing, wet vagina
For the very first time ever.

Nobody knows me.
I am neither Jesus nor Buddha
Nor God.
I am the Goddess Diana,
Peering at you
From the pink and vermilion clouds,
Staring at you with soothing vibrations
As you silently rest
On an amethyst rock
Down by the roaring lake.

I felt the cool  rain on my face
Before humans crawled across
Parched deserts.
I have been here forever,
Eons before the Big Bang,
Which was an over-rated whimper
To me.
I’ve had better orgasms than that!

Heed my voice,
When I whisper to you late at night
In that mysterious zone
‘Tween asleep and wake.
I’m better than a foot-long joint,
More fun than a cocaine orgy.
I’m the voice of calm and reason,
In a world full of vinegar and blood.
Tears pour down from the clouds,
As Ella Fitzgerald’s pure voice radiates across
The concrete and steel cities.
For I am the sound of peace and tranquility.
Seeing all,
And forgiving everyone.

Heed my warning,
Hear my call!
As you go about your daily tasks.
The clear bell of joy and wonder,
Starting deep in my throat,
Sails across the planet
And into the heavens and beyond.
The keening sound is different
For everyone.
Look into the face of a young baby
And you will see me.
I am the Goddess Diana.
Maiden, mother and crone.