The Earth weeps
As the bombs rain down.
Red flashes,
Exploding buildings.
Annihilate the fuckers
In the name of peace.
Outside my building,
Children shriek in the playground,
Whilst in Iraq,
Children scream
In quaking houses
Without basements.
Anti-war protestors
Are slaughtered in the streets.
Today, I don't wish
To be a citizen of this planet.
I'm ashamed to be a part
Of this atrocity.

Haven't the children of the world
Suffered enough?
Presidents issue orders
From ivory towers.
It's unlikely they will be killed
By computerized Cruise Missiles.

Tears wash over Mother Earth.
A feeling of numbness
Flows from my head
To my feet.
Watching bombs exploding
On my T.V. set
Between moronic commercials
And soap operas
Cast with pretty faces
Of both genders.
Flashes of pink lightning
In the sky.
Mushroom clouds of destruction.
I'm ashamed to be a citizen
Of this planet.

Severed limbs flying
Through the sky.
A baby's bloody head zooms
Into the air
And lands at his mother's feet.
Little girls run
Screaming down country roads
As napalm explodes
In the background.
Race versus race,
Killing in the name of peace.
Bayonets plunge into firm bellies.
Green guts ooze from
The crimson wounds.
"Let's kill another Gook
For Jesus."

Rainbow bombs detonate
In a far off city.
My mind freezes in apoplexy.
Shall we kill another child
For peace?
I don't want to live
On a planet like this.

Cold tears cascade
Over the Earth,
Cleansing it of its bitter past.
I wish I lived in a world
Where peace has ruled for countless centuries.
Is that too much to ask?