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Jan 7, 2002

Lastnight  i dreampt i was at a party with mike p and another male
friend..don't remember who it was...
the party was at someone's house , it was night and it was outside in the
backyard of their house.. i don't think i knew the owner/person throwing the
party. lots of people were at this party...white patio furniture was set up
around the backyard.. and a big fire burned.   me and mike were sitting at a
table when it was announced that we were all going to be taking part in a
game.  this game involved cigarettes so i had to bum some off of smokers..
the object of the game was for the girls to get a smoke off the guys , by
any means necessary. sitting across the table from mike, i played with my
cigarette on the table.
mike lit his up and began smoking. The music was pumping...LOUD...heavy
bass..and this blonde girl 5'6".. bops her way over to our table to the
music singing her own made up song to the beat.. it was sort of cute. she
approaches mike but he ignores her just smoking his cig.. she begins to
strip..takes off her pants and reveals black underwear/thong. i can't take
my eyes off her cause she's clearly amazing..but mike is still paying no
attention..smoking his cigarette. she does a little twirl still singing her
'cute stripping song' moves behind mike and begins to put her hand on his
cock.. STILL smoking , mike pays no mind! she does this for about a minute,
gets no responce and walks away.. im laughing and surprised at the same time
that he could just ignore this half naked attractive girl who's playing with
his package!...dream ends..