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Feb 7, 2002

The winter olympics were being held in toronto and the hockey games were
taking place in niagara…somewhere on the grounds of niagara college. Tons of
new buildings had been built because of the events. I was a part of the
Canadian Mens Olympic team. My position was right winger and my role was
that of mikael renburg on sundin’s line….heavy forchecker, tough in the to win battles along the boards and able to get the puck to my
centre. It was the gold medal game. The score was tied 4-4…we were playing
the chek republic. I remember the crowd being of non north american
nationality because I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. A few
minutes of my dream is me actually skating on the ice and digging behind the
net fighting for the puck… then in the second period I get news that there’s
a family emergency and that I have to leave immediately. The second period
hadn’t even ended and I had to rush off the ice. I do’t remember where I
went or what I did, but I remember coming back to the arena a few hours
later wondering if we had won gold. No one spoke english so I got frustrated
and tried to figure out what was going on, as the arena was stilll packed
with a crowd. I ended up finding a trainer and he explains to me that in the
third period, the ref made a terrible call that would have cost us the gold
medal, so in protest, untill some higher up officials could right the wrong
call, team canada was in their dressing room protesting the call. I was like
Holy Fuck! I gotta get in there and see what the hell pat quinn has to say.
(head coach ) I bust into the change room , but it was set up like a
classroom, with quinn at the front in front of  a chalkboard and each player
at his individual desk. Everyone on team canada in real life was in my
dream.. I picked a place in the back but quinn ends his lecture and I feel
out of the loop.