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Oct 7, 2001
The prisoner dream

Gonna paraphrase this one as I didn’t write it down right away. It’s too bad….
This dream reminds me of the old tv show the prisoner.

Remember being on holy name’s (elementary school) school grounds…..playing something or other…25yrs old..  the yard had a big chain link fence all around it. Remember there was this guy..older..
That was some sort of oversee’r…not like a teacher thou… like a scientist, but not for research…make sense? Black hair. Something about  a building on the grass.  Like a big old house. Lots of people my age in there. All trying to escape…needing a leader.. me.  It’s too bad I didn’t write it down cause I rmember going on a big long journey to escape the world I was trapped in , all thru slides..and secret parts of the house...riding bikes far away.. , but through that last door was the place I started from..the schoolyard.