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Oct 28, 2001
Age 25 in my dream. Me and dave seemed to be walking in the back field area of holy name school (the part that was there before the french school was built). This back area was different however as there was no appartment building in the distance. was grass on the horizon , that led to this stream..a bout a foot deep with  sloping banks on either side. The water was blue. We were there because we were trying to figure out where the fireworks landed that we had seen the night before. When we got to the stream we noticed that there was this long aluminum pipe that was submerged and running the length of the stream in both directions. At intervals of about 16 feet the pipe would have a part that would stick out of the water about a foot. 
It looked something like this:

   |            |            |            |             |             |             |              |              |              |             |

and so on as far as we could see. We realized that this is where the fireworks from the night before were coming from. We could tell that all the ones to the right of us had gone off because the opening of the pipes were burnt.. but everything to the left of us weren’t. so we knew they were still active..or able to go off. There were other people around there too…there was this chi family sticking a stick into one of the pipes (they had found another set running underneith the grass) and were like the apes from the beginning of 2001 where they find the stick and learn how to use it in different ways.  One was using the stick to poke inside the pipe…and the others were standing around amazed..and touching the pipe. Finally it went off in their face..(the fireworks) Served them right I thought. I remember thinking one of them had TB.  After a few minutes of me and dave exploring the stream we turn around and notice these weird cloud formations above and in the distance. They were forming a circular pattern in the sky. It was a huge hurricane forming…but in the centre where the eye should be, it was a tornado! It was far away, but it was still loud, like motors of heavy machinery… a constant hum. We had to get home so we left eachother. I get home and run thru my house yelling at my family to get ready to go into our fruit cellar cause a tornado was coming. My mom was hanging clothes in the back, and my dad and sisters were somewhere in the house. For some reason my sister decides to take off down the street, and so my whole family has to chase her(juliana). She makes it past the stopsign and rounds the corner onto springhead. By this time the tornado was very close to our street so I was severly pissed. Next thing I knew, she was gone, and I couldn’t see where she had went…Anger. Why was she runinng around when a tornado was coming. I look back and see her with my family down the street…like she was just playing a game..GRRRRRRRRR. We all end up going into our basement and into our fruit cellar and erecting shovels from the floor to the ceiling which is about 4.5 feet high in real life… as stabalizers incase the roof fell in. The noise from outside got louder and louder,and we could feel the house starting to shake. We were all laying still on the concrete floor…only a small light. Shaking.
End of Dream.
I don’t know how this fits but in one part of my dream that I didn’t mention, me and dave were walking through this arcade that doesn’t exist in welland…but was around where the new commisso’s is ..we were looking for someone.. the place was long (deep) and had two levels…carpet floors…lights that faced upwards..illuminating the ceiling. Very nice place..aside from the smoke.