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Nov 5, 2001
this night i had a fever dream..
you know the kind...all fucked up...makes hardly any think it's
real when you wake up..even for some time afterwards...
I had been talking to this girl on my computer... it was some sort of live
chat thing, but just the two of us.. she told me that she could make my
computer do funny things from where she was..i didn't believe her, so she
made my cd drawer open and close.. i thought it was pretty neat that she
could do that so i asked her what else she could she said
to the left of me in my room (in real life too) is a wall with a light
switch...  somehow she made a black rectangle appear on my wall beside the
switch. the black rectangle was cut in half with a line..and then on one
side in half again. I walked up to it and tried to see what it was..but it
was so dark that i couldn't tell. So dark that it almost looked like there
was a whole in my wall going into space. She told me to stick my hand in
..and i did... Suddenly i was pulled through the tiny hole and dumped into
this completely different world. It reminded me of the flintstone's world..
all cartoonie and bedrock... i was on a ledge and i couldn't see where i'd
fallen from, but i knew that i was stuck in this world and the girl had
tricked me into going there. she was evil. In this new world, from my ledge
i could see the natives of this planet. They were huge... i would compare
them in height as a barbie doll is to us. Us being the size of the barbie
doll, them humans.. They were really tall but very skinny too. not many
features.. i had an instinct that they didn't like humans, so i tried to
hide from them... their heads almost reached my rock ledge. To give an idea
of the surroundings...i was on the side of a stone cliff..with a ledge
running the length of it...across from me was the exact same the
middle and down was the ground where the big people lived and moved about
their business.. I studied them and learned that they kept humans as
slaves...and enjoyed abusing and killing them. they despised us. Some time
later, my friends had been worried about me, and somehow found out about the
hole in my wall. they came dropping on in too not knowing that they'd be
stuck in this world . with a bunch of us there now, we decided to come up
witha plan to fight back and set our human friends free. We noticed that the
heads of these tall creatures were very weak and thought that if we dropped
boulders on them it'd kill or seriously wound them.. somehow we managed to
get a bunch of huge rocks loose and we did exactly that...took one of them
out completely.. this of course alarmed all the others that we weren't in
cells as the other humans were so they all came after us..forgetting about
the humans they already had captured...who in turn escaped their cells made
of stick and turned into a big battle with the humans on the
ground hitting the legs of the big people and us dropping boulders on their
heads... lots of people died..on both sides...
during the conflict, some of the big people started to sympathize with us ,
learning that we were intelligent creatures too...not just pets..and sided
with us..helping us fight the other big we could all return to
our world..our side ended up winning and we all ended up making peace with
    this dream sort of reminds me of the animation flic called fantastic