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Nov 26, 2001
I dreamt that me and my dad were raking up the leaves in our backyard...the
time of the year was just around now..end of november..I decided to take a
break ,so I leaned the rake against the fence... looked away, and when I
looked back, the rake was gone. I couldn't figure out how it had just
disappeared until I noticed the top of the rake and someone's head walking
on the other side of my fence. I ran around to see what was going on and saw
my neighbour stealing my rake!
Getting angry I yelled at him to give the rake back , but it only made him
run away and into his garage via the back door..Little did he know that I
was gonna follow him right into his house if I had to . Once inside his
garage I pushed him from behind and tried forcing the rake out of his
hands... he was putting up a fight and began calling for his wife. In real
life I hate these neighbours so in my dream I was really ticked off. Seeing
that I was getting really pissed off and about to get violent, he hands over
the rake... but at that moment I noticed that his garage was full of stuff
that belonged to me!!!
There was all kinds of my stuff in there including mail from my work...and
the thing that pissed me off most was my paychecks... somehow he had gotten
ahold of my money! People had sent me cash in the mail and he had stolen it
from my box and kept it all for himself. His wife was trying to tell me that
I was crazy and that it was really his stuff even though the labels on the
envelopes still had my name on them! The dream ends quickly at this point,
but I do remember getting all my stuff back..waking up tense