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Mar 28, 2001
The person I went to visit in my dream was my friend jenn.
In my dream the city had been doing some major upgrades to a highway system nearby my house. So being my curious self, i drove my car to see exactly what had been changed. I came to a set of stop lights that hadn't been there before. So i waited, then crossed...and came to a fork...left or right....left was straight...and right was a loop..
yea, like the kind on a roller coaster...or on a stunt car i chose right...and drove upside down...
and when i came out of the loop, i was in your neighbourhood.
I knew where you lived so i went to your house. No one was i broke in! (hahaha this was the normal thing to do in the dream)  to surprise you. Not even your parents were i was bored..and started to snoop...
no where in particular..i was just curious about you and what you lived in i made my way to the bathroom..and enjoyed the layout of the room. looking through the medicine cabinet ..and then i heard a sounded like your parents i ran and hid..cause i knew they wouldn't be too happy that i broke into their home…...i couldn't find a place to i sat in a chair in the corner of a room..that reminded me of one of those show rooms..the kind you see as you enter a home..but no one ever i sat very still...but your parents had brought a little dog home with them..and the dog came straight for me. He was blowing my cover. At first your dad, didn't pay attention..but then the dog was causing such a disturbance, that he came over and saw me.
 Um,, hi, i said... im just waiting for Jenn...and your mom came in and said hi...and they weren't surprised at all. Quite the opposite. They seemed happy to see me. Weird. SO the dream ends as we have talk and wait for you.