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July 5, 2001
i had a dream the other night that i was part of "the family"  like in the
godfather....cept all the people in the family were my relatives and older
italian people that are friends with my dad...
in this dream i was framed for a murder and now i was on the run because the
other families wanted me dead...
there was a rat in our family ...and for some reason he was the one who said
something that made me get framed...
im tired...making sense?....
so anyways...i remember having to drive to toronto to go to a friend of the
family's house until we figured out what was going to happen to me....once
there i met this jamaican man...(don't know why he was there as he wasn't a
friend of the family)
and he told me that i could come back to his country with him ...and live
there for a couple of years hiding out ...until things cooled off...and i
remember thinking oh my life is going to have to change so
much...and the culture shock of living in jamaica...being poor...what would
i do for money?...i paniced in the dream...and then he was gone..and i was
in the guy's house in toronto...and there was a funeral going on ...and
everyone was arriving in limo's.....i remember seeing this one guy and then
someone leaning over to me and saying ...that's the one who ratted you
out...he won't live to see the end of the day.
so after the funeral....and still in the house it was decided that i would
be shipped off to italy to live with friends of the family..until things
cooled off....

then i woke up...