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Jan 23, 2001
Lastnight I had a dream that I found a secret doorway in my house. It was situated right above the stairs that go to my basement in my house. For some reason I had pressed up on the ceiling one night going down, and to my surprise it moved. Like it pushed up. I was freaked out because that’s not normal. So I got a stepladder and peaked my head up .
When I stuck my head through, I got this weird and erie feeling…like something wasn’t right. Well obviously it wasn’t cause what I was looking into wasn’t my house anymore..
So I crawled up into it..and realized it was a new dimension. It was totally black in this room I was in but I could tell by my footsteps that it was big. And hallow. So I go towards 
Some light coming from the other side ….way over there…and it brings me to this maze.
Reminds me of a fun house without the music. the spotlights were there.. Red and blue…just slowly swinging. There was silence all around.  the floor was all mirror,  the walls were all mirror…and the ceiling wasn’t there…just black.
I was freaked out and ran back into my house, though the gateway in my ceiling.
And back down. Some time later I regained my courage and decided to venture up once more. This time, there were people up there. Acting very strange..talking very slow to me..and looking at me as if they knew I was new or didn’t belong.  And then I met “the lady”. This lady was the one in charge in this world. Told everyone when to sleep, when to eat..etc. She was like the god… She freaked me out cause she looked like the lady from polterguist..the one who got drew berrymore back from the television. And she talked like her too…high pitched . Fucked up like that. 
I remember I tried to avoid her but I knew she was watching down on me. From somewhere in the blackness above. And then she appeared in front of me…kind of just to let me know that she indeed was watching me. I got the sudden feeling like she was tryingto trap me here just like all the others. They all seemed mindless. .or brainwashed.
I started to try to get back to my world/house again..but once I started running I ended up in the holy name school gym. (my old elemantary school) Just like that. Teleported or something. And I was in grade 8 again. everyone was sitting at desks in the gym as if in exams.  And all the people were the same as from before. The lady was there too..and she was the instructor. Watching over us while we wrote our exams. Some guy kept on asking me questions..and I was trying to pretend not to notice cause she was watching..from somewhere. The exam was hard too…like something out of OAC.  I got frustrated and threw my paper down..and got up…and everyone got really mad at me..for making a disturbance…cause now the lady was gonna be really mad. So I ran into the janitor’s room and inside was mr robillard. He wasn’t under the control of the lady..i could tell… and he was subtly trying to point me in the right direction to get home…It didn’t work however, cause I turned around and I was in the room right above my ceiling entrance again. The room was changed however. Everyone was in it …and there were dim lights coming down from somewhere. There was this huge matress..the same length as a normal matress, but the width went from one side of the room to the other. Everyone had their assigned sleeping space..and was also assigned to a partner. A mate. Mine was this girl I hadn’t ever seen before. She had blond hair about shoulder length. She was quiet too, like the rest. I didn’t want to lay down, but the lady forced me somehow..So when im in bed I look over, to my left , and see mike shuker ( a friend) laying beside my new mate. He says hi kev. You’ll learn to like it here. And you’ll learn to like her too, referning to my newly appointed lover…and, you’ll learn to like “her” too..refering to the old lady. He was speaking very slow to me. I was freaked right out by this I sat up and faced the lady. I hadn’t been brainwashed yet, and I wasn’t from this world, so it was hardder for her to get to me. I stood rigth up to her and said…fuck this, I’m getting out of here, and you can’t stop me. And she couldn’t…cause I went back down my ceiling doorway..and left…then woke up.