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Jan 18, 2001
i was in welland awaiting the arrival of a caravan, standing along side
the roadway right before a tunnel that leads into welland. the tunnel was
small and only had one lane....wide enough to fit only a car, but the road
was unpaved.
this caravan was walking down from toronto, taking the back route, being
very discreet....
    seeing them walk up was not unlike seeing the opening ceremonies of the
olympics...people marching in uniform, with flags and stuff. cept everyone
was on the same side. rumour had it that the beatles, all 4, were in the
main boxcar of this caravan, being carried, like something out of the
Sahara. Another rumour had it that the legendary rock band, cinderella, was
also on this trip. only the informed, cool, people were lined up on the
sides...a lot of very official people, security types, like almost nasa,
were buzzing around through secret back doors and side doors of this
tunnel...not very secret mind you, theywould open up the rock, right in
front of people, but they did have the key,and we didnt'.
my dream is incomplete, and ends when the caravan enters the tunnel