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Jan 12, 2001
I was with a bunch of people in some city somewhere in the states. It was a major metropolitan city. I remember a huge scientific discovery had been made in this warehouse style laboratory somewhere downtown. So we all wanted to go and investigate. Somehow I knew where to find the place so we all went inside..and hid up in the rafters, looking down on the scientists. In the middle of the room we were looking down on, was this big containment unit…it was sort of round…and was the size of a couple school busses in width. About one school bus in length. Parts of the unit had windows so you could see into it. Inside looked to be this ruby reddish jello like substance. It was moving all around inside. It almost seemed alive. And then, the containment unit broke. It was alive, and it was trying to escape! It moved with the slickness of oil and managed to break out of the warehouse. Now the plot jumps to me being able to somehow view the blob from above as it devours the city. Following it.
Me and my friends arrive at this park, it has mostly open grassy areas to it, but only a handful of trees. The swings were extra high ones..dunno why. There was just enough swings for each one of us…so we each took one, and flung them over the top bar a couple of times. You know, like wrapping them around a few the seat of the swing is about 15 feet above the ground. Yea, these were tall swings. We all climb up the side poles and make our way to our designated swing…now we’re all sitting high above the ground..and we can see the blob creature coming towards the park. It’s moving fast too. Somehow it senses our presence and comes over to us…and somehow we knew it was upset..some sort of dream insight also gave me the knowledge that it didn’t like humans very much. So it parks itself right under the swings…and starts trying to rip out the poles…so we’d fall and it would get us. But we didn’t fall, somehow we managed to escape and made our way over to this tunnel subway sort of structure. The plan was to lure the creature down in to the tunnel… and then puncture a hole in the top wall, so water would come through and bury the creature. It was an awesome plan cause apparently the whole city came to join in . That’s it. All I remember.