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Feb 20, 2001
I lived in a society, not unlike in 1984...cept everything was evil....and there was no conspiracy.
where everyone in my community all worked at the same place...all went to school at the same place.
Did everything all at the same place. This same place ..was a huge...i mean ...huge...puts the west edmonton mall to shame...factory style building.
 And this factory was set up to make shoes. We were all shoe makers , in some form or other.
and we were all happy about it. DIfferent parts of the building, were for different things. THis building was not only a factory, but everything you ever did, outside of work and home..was done in this building too.
 It had the club you like going had your favourite sporting arena in had your excercise facility built in.
Imagine like a self sustaining bubble...on the moon or something...cept this was here on welland.
and there was no rich...everyone was equal.
 In this dream, there was a girl...who had her locker, two down from mine. Our lockers were to keep our lunch in and a change of clothes for after work..but they looked like a highschool locker. Full length.
This girl, loved me. Deeply. Somehow I knew it. And she wanted to be with me...and i knew this aswell. But for some reason,  i couldn't bring myself to be with her. I remember learning something about her past, that i just couldn't get over..something that i just didn't want to be associated with. And i also remember that it was something petty. LIke something she was a loser in high school or something . 
Every day i would struggle with it...i would look her in the eyes..and see her pain...the pain of my indecision..
and i would have to flee the scene to get a  hold of myself. 
 This had become a tremendous stress on my life. I wanted to be with her too. And yet, i was a dumbass.
One night me and mark, his brother gerard..and their dad...went to see a hockey the factory.
You;d just find an empty seat and it was paying for nothing. So all the seats on one side were we had to cross to get to the other side..but the funny thing was..the way you crossed was by walking across the ice..behind the goal net...and this was youd watch the hockey game..and see people walking behind the net to go to the washroom or somehting.. totally strange.
I remember that the club was attatched to the entrance to the arena..and i was bored at the i decided to go see what was up at the was kind of dark in there...lights dancing all around..people everywhere.
And the girl was there too.
 Ohman...i wanted to avoid what i did was...levitated myself into the rafters of the ceiling...
and began to fly above the crowd to the doorway...the doorway was at the top of a i had to come walk out the door..and there she was.
Face to face.
  She looked at me and started to cry.
I fled again.
 to my house...where i was having a party..
and all my friends were there....and my house was packed..inside andoutside in my backyard..bbq...
it was an awesome time.
I got a phonecall, from a friend who i hadn't seen in years (sebastian s from radio)..and i told him to come by...I was soo excited that he wascoming..cause he was going to be bringing this girl..that i knew too  and i hadn't seen in about the same amount of time...and we had all been really good friends..just lost tough.
So they show up...and he pulls me aside and says he has a present for me... tells me to open my hand..and close my i do..and he places a sheet of acid on my hand. i open my eyes..and am shocked..but thank him, cause i didn't want to upset him...(i guess in the dream, we had done drugs together in the past..but during the time i hadn't seen years..i had quit but he didnt' know) so i took it and hid it in my room..
but a few minutes later i started tripping cause some of the acid had absorbed into my hands...cause they had been sweating. So i tripped out for the rest of the party at my house...seeing colours..and having a werid body buzz...
 (this scene takes a long time in the dream but on paper it s only a few sentences)
The next day i have to find this girl.
   I know now, that i truely do love her, and that i do want to be with her.
But i find out that she had decided to move away , and was packing her stuff..and going to be leaving that day.
So i look high and low..and eventually find her boarding a boat. i run up on the wooden walkway leading up to the boat and stop her.
 I was scared now, cause i didn't want to lose her, but sad, causei knew it was all my fault and i kind o falready did. She was leaving cause of me.

I tell her that i do love her and want to be with her...but she just looks at me ..and her tears tell me all i need to know. She was lost to me.