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 September 16, 2003

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx:

     This letter is in response for the letter that I received on September 11th, regarding the amount of Pizza’s that I produce.  I always work to the best of my ability, try to produce the products that you demand, but when you are consistently on my case, and you have provided me with a helper that never comes.  I always count my Pizza’s when I am finished and I have 65 to 70 Pizza’s, and 25 pockets.  I have never just made 50 Pizza’s.

      I relieve Helena for her 15 minute break and her ½ hour lunch; someone should be doing my job while I am away from my station.  Keely who is my helper shouldn’t be taken to stock up the pop fridges, chips, cookies.  This is the cashier’s job.  They should be doing this.

     This letter is without malice and I feel that I am being penalized for everyone who has taken beverages without paying but you made me the scapegoat.  I want this letter taken out of my files.  Let’s all be friends in this situation.

     Yours truly,