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     It was post war time.  Itlor was bliting Lonand England veryer hard.  I was at one of my three jobs.  The post master jenall from Lonand England armer come to my work with two plice armer men.  The letter was from Chruch Hill him self.  The letter said to report to lonanded at ones.  The two armer plice men estal me in a 1939 ford exallcar.  We drive to the welland Air port, were AAA big twin eng with plere.  I goted out if the car and walked up the stair to go on the air plane.  We tooked off.  The fly it was 24 hour of hand of me.  My air plane was covon by 12 spit five the hole fucking way Lonand.  The two armer plice offer more cod Chruch Hill we are on are way.  We got to Lonand and fly pasted Buckham Plase, and parmint building.  I saw big ben.  It was 12 lunch time.  TEA AND COOKIES.  The air plane was landing.  I looked out the air plane window at the corner of my eye.  I saw the King and Queen and Chruch Hill.  I was fucking very very nervous. The air plane camed to AAA stoped.  AAA car with stair was come to the plane the Queen was waiting for me at the bottie.  I was walking down the the stair I corsepes the Queen.  We walked with the Queen to hir horse and karerg.  The King and Chruch Hill was these.  We were on the road to arrossed the Lonand Bringer.  The bringer light went red.  The bringer was going up the ship was brontena and on the ship was AA littler girl to be Queen one day.
     My ship was maked for my time in 1940s.  Chruch Hill said to me my ship was to set sail to mornooo.  Killer I said I went on borad my ship.  Chruch Hill said to me 8 covon ships will be with you at all time.  What is going to hatin to the Californaia.  Chruch Hill said the Californaia is AAA very fast ship.  It is up to det in the 20010 I said.  It was morning my crower was retea.  The all my passinger was on broad.  I blowed the ship horn by stream.  1 hour to go.  All passinger on broad.  I called the engdoin to close all water tit door.  I said to the qurt master to blow the ship horn three time.  We were off.  I blow in the ships pip hole to the chef enginear.  ALL AA head 1,4 please.  My ship was going out to sea.  The land was geting smaller and smaller.  The RMS California was to sat sail 12 hour atfer me.  The 8 covon ships were coming two in frostin two ships to the right two to the left two at the back.  Itlor was planding AA big air rad atax.  2000 air plane the garman were going to blits Lonand that day.  Three days went by.  Your ship was 12 hours bethen.  The chef raido enginear came to the ships bringer.  I was eleven OOO clock.  It was tea and cookies time.  Fuck I droped the tea cup.
     I more cod message said you boat are in the air.  Perpear your ship in a z zip mosin.  Full stream ahhead.  A more cod message said Chruch Hill is called off the 8 covon ships.  The covon ships are looking for the Bee mark ship to sink it.  Fuck I said the Terd is on my oun.  I cry.  I call my frist seond and three crow to the bringer and enginear to.  I said to my crew.  Perpear the ship for uboat.  Three men on crow nest.  Port side 4 star bout side 4.  I call the cheff enginear all 30 boiler to be lit full steam a head.  Zip ziper paron.  Cut all light from shipcut boiler of hot water to the hole Fucking ship.  Please go to the frist class parting and get grand for the hill billys.
     One more cod come in to me.  It said you have a saboteaur on broud.  And I am going to sink your ship to the botter of the sea.  You ass hole.  I was AA best friend.  The more cod said it kod be Mark, Kev, Chris, Hays, Dave.  I crew nest ring the ships bell.  Toepitoe ports side fuck.  It just mist.  AA more cod come in.  It said I am done FUCKING arouad with you… your ship is dome!!!!
      It was 12 pm at night.  The Californaia just pass on the port side.  The star boat side two toepisstoe are lus.  One hit port side.  It fed 12 boiler.  I close the water tie doors.  I blue in the ship tude to the enger room.  Daneer port.  12 boiler are done.  The boiler at 18 are going well.  I called the engin room ALL ENGIN TO AAA STOPS!!!!  Make a fact more cod off.  Ship bin fucking hit toepistoe hit  the ship.  12 boiler are out.  Cruch and fil it.  None help.  The Califonaia er a plad.  I am coming JRB 8 hour.  The uboat come to the top.
     I get a more cod from the capin you ass hole I am loading 4 toepistoe your ships is fucking fish food.  I called my three in come and go and get grand from the hill billys.  I get a fucking plane.  Maked grand go to the engin room with the corn skeen.  And but the corn skeen in the boiler on my come.  I called all my crew to the bringer.  Put all beds and rargbare pipplow to the frist secet and three deck.  Por gas and light it up.  My ship was on Fire!!!  YES MY plane was working.  I called all my crew we are going in abandin ship mode.  I maked my ships frog horn go off.  All the ships flarse went up in the sky.  It look the four of july.  The poeple were coming out of the capbin.  The people were crying are ass is grass.  Good I said my plane is working.  Now that ass hole on the uboat is going to die!!!!
     I saw the uboat line up the toepisstoe to my ship.  I saw the Califonaia coming in the clear.  I blow to the eng room on my come and give all the stream you have.  I blow the ships horn full stream.  My ship was going to ran the uboat in the metall. You ass hole your ship is going FUCKING DOWN.  The crew from the uboat was in skoke.  The crow was abandin ship.  I call my crew and passinter to bandin ship.  To the life boats.  The Californaia was at my side.  The capin from the uboat call my name JRB you are good you fucking tard.  I am making my ship to stuff so polld.  My ship was taking in lasts of water.  I was walking to the crow next to taked the ships flag.  The capin of the uboat called my name gerard we well meat again tard!!!!  My send office cam to my its is time to band ship my friend!!!  All my passinger and crew was on the Californaia.  All you guys were on deck.  The uboat was on fire.  Black smoke.  AAA big bang.  The uboat sink.  My ship was slow going down.  The ships turn to it stroam.  I saw my three plarear.  5 minter we my ship went down.