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     It was light sept.  The last week of the month.  It was raining all week it was very foge .  The ports master nock at the door and said can I speck to gerard.  My mother called for me.  I have to sin the letter.  It was a letter from the up lake sea way.  The ports master said to me when you go to bed we will when you in AAA big wave.  The porter master disk a prid right in frost of my eye.  That evring I want to bed.  Out cold.  I was sleeping and A lod vost was calling me come gerard now over and over.  I jumped out of bed in AA fucking traands.  I walk out of the house.  It was spiting rain and very colded.  The foge was so bad the vosts said to follow the foge.
     I was fucking walking like it was to fucking days.  As I was walking the foge was taking backin time the 90, 80, 70, 60 and the 50!!!!!.  The foge stoped in the 1950s.  The year was 1955.  FUCK I said out loid fuck!!!  The 60s man!!  The 60s you ass Hole.  The foge take me down town were the bing plase.  It was a cloth store.  I look at the city clock it was 12.  The clock was doning.  That when the shit begain.  I was looking at the west main brigher.  The people were screeming and crying.  A big ship was going to crash the brigher.  I looked the ship was the Big Fizz.  The bibs ship at the time.  Fix this for me gerard past two is coming.  The capin blow the ship horn.  The capin er rit the engin the poepie were screem and crying.  The ship stoped at the nose of the brigher.  The capin was calling my name gerard get your fucking ass here right now.  I said to the capin.  I fucking coming you ass hole.  I was walking on the brigher and I can tonch the ship.  The capin and crouse said lift the brigher up when the brigher is comimg down jump off.  Know fucking way.  I do not went to kill my safe.  The capin said it is a dream.  I said no no.  The capin said jump when the brigher is half way down.  I jump off the brigher.  I landed on deck.  Piss my pants.  The capin sayed aboat fucking time.  The ship is be taking by SATAN!!!
     WHAT I said satan.  That the fuck do you went me to do.  Or ship sink in the Lake Eerie.  Satan has are ship horn and bell.  SO I saided we need to rest in place.  The capin maked a meat in with me.  Satan was mud at the capin and the red coth did not make it to new our city.  We sink ass hole in sept.  Give the coth back and the bell and the ship horn will give to gerard.  Done satan said.  I give the capin that he weed.  The ship was at port corner.  The fog was coming back there let me off the the brigher.  The ship dich AAA prive.