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     It was the year of the Tdarts.  And it was the anduall picnick.  It was a hot mugee day in laght june 1970.  The fucking nast were loading ALL THE FUCKING TDARTS in the bus.  Mother Speraler was drived the bus.  All the fucking nast where at the lake cooking hot dog and hambuger.  And the nasts were drink the blast baby JESSUS WINE and get so fucked loped.  The new nasts were geting veryer hornEEE.  The two fucking hot nast were geting it ON hot and Have with Mother Speraler behine the tree.  The nast were saiding fuck the bady JESSUS.
     All the fucking Tdards were geting fucking bord.  The nast said go and play in the water and fuck well all hay were drink.  So all the TARDS walked to the lake.  Six Tards went in the water.  A boat to the were feeted.  They were have a Tarts bath.  Two of the fucking Tdards were doing the dog pale in the water.  The two AAmeitle dron and die.  We were call out to the nast two tdards are die.  The nast have wine in hand.  Hip Hip her wore.  The nast saided 12 more fucking tards to go.  WELL I WAS PISS!!!!!